Interactive Camera & Alarm Systems
Cloud Based Technology


Virtual Security LLC offers;


Experienced Professionals providing Affordable Security Solutions.

Award winning  competitive priced Interactive Services. 

Advanced Encrypted Wireless & Hardwired Alarm Systems.

Industry Leading  Equipment & Monitoring  Services. 

IP Camera Surveillance Systems.


 IP surveillance solutions to meet the end-users’ various needs which may include: local multi-system monitoring, remote camera viewing, or integrating IP cameras to larger scalable systems 


Security Camera's & Alarm Systems

Small Business Security Solutions

Sales,  Installation  & Service /  Industry Leading Equipment and Monitoring.

Professional-Security Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance,  and  Award winning Monitoring Services.  

Keep your home or business secure & gain new awareness and instant visibility into critical activities.  

PowerG’s  robust communications allows Devices to optimize their route to the control panel.

Full two-way communication to ensure there are no lost alarm messages. 

Multi-channel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology stops frequency blocking. 

AES-128 encryption protects against powerful analysis tools and digital attacks.

Complete IP Surveillance Solutions;  

Offering stunning image quality, advanced hardware capabilities, superior video management.

4-megapixel Camera's that provide 30fps at 2592×1520 viewing resolution.  

 Video  Events  of your choosing sent right to your Mobile device  with Real Time Reporting.

25 years of experience working in the Security Industry

About Us

Experienced in Residential, Small Business & Commercial Installations.    

 Worked with Homeland Security post 9-11 to Secure Strategic facilities; 

( Local Gas Refinery,  The Naval Reserve Station  &  Regional Airport )

 Secured buildings for National Space Agencies and Defense Contractors .    

Installed smart Z-wave & S-line wireless technology systems. 

Assisted & worked with Law Enforcement on criminal investigations.

Helped Businesses maximize their ROI while meeting their security needs.  

Virtual Security LLC

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